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“I highly enjoyed this class! Very informative, helpful and provides inspiration! Thank you!”
– A. Perry

“Wow, this course is absolutely fantastic! Very clear explanation, helpful examples, lots of useful tips – great for beginners! Thank you so much for putting it all together! I definitely recommend this gem of a course to anyone interested in the topic <3”
– Paulina P.

“A great class for all level interested in creating their own low content book for personal or commercial usage. In addition to taking you through step by step Canva & InDesign Rebecca explains the pro’s and con’s of using Amazon KDP, Blurb and LuLu, which is really useful. Thank you!”
– Heidi I.

“Great instructor! Thank you for the lessons! It was very insightful!”
– Aya H.

“Really great teacher! She made almost all the digging so we don’t have to. I feel like she made my progress much faster as I didn’t have to go around trying.”
– A. Formatché

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