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Everything as expected. I loved the design.
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Awesome customer service. I had a concern and Rebecca addressed it without hesitation. You have indeed gained a customer.
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This works great and is really well designed. Looking forward to purchasing more items from this shop.
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Designed by Rebecca Wilson

Writer, designer, and book coach to bestselling authors

Hey there! I’m a book designer and have been successfully selling my own low-content books on Amazon’s KDP platform for a few years. I decided to branch out and see if folks would enjoy purchasing my designs for their own publishing projects. I’m a big journal hoarder and love to come up with new clever templates for people to use. I’ve had multiple Amazon Category Bestsellers and also write novels, too – but can’t sell a template for those, unfortunately! ;)

I’m really passionate about breaking down barriers to publishing and I think selling these premade journal interiors are a great way to help others figure out the ins and outs of print-on-demand publishing without a lot of design work holding them up at the start. I’ve tested all of my files out on KDP’s uploader myself so am sure they work. If anyone ever encounters a problem I’ll do my best to help out.

Have fun, get inspired, and create some beautiful covers to go along with these files! I believe in you!

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