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Agent Query Letter Template: Fantasy Romance Authors

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Fantasy romance is currently a sales monster and is an increasingly popular genre for readers. Even though there is a huge sector of the self-publishing world dedicated to this genre, traditional publishers and agents still want a piece of the pie. If you’ve written a fantasy romance novel and want to try going the traditional route, you’re going to need a strong query letter to get started!

Even though this website is focused on self-publishing, we love our traditional publishing friends – and many authors are doing both methods of publishing these days! So in this article, I’m going to share with you some advice on selling your fantasy romance novel to an agent. You’ll also find a template letter that you can modify later on in the article.

Sounds good? Then let’s get started!

Tips for Querying a Fantasy Romance Novel

When writing a query letter to an agent as a fantasy romance author, you need to clearly demonstrate your novel’s appeal to fans of both fantasy and romance genres.

The primary focus of your query should be on the novel’s premise, which should encapsulate both the fantasy world and the romance in your story. Begin with a strong hook that succinctly outlines the unique aspects of your novel and intrigues the agent. Make sure your premise indicates what makes your fantasy world distinctive, whether it’s the magic system, the mythical creatures, the world-building, or the societal structure. The more vivid and unique your world, the more it will stand out.

The romance aspect should be equally strong. Agents will want to see that your protagonists have a significant emotional journey with real stakes. Demonstrate the chemistry between your romantic leads, the obstacles they have to overcome, and why a reader would root for their relationship. If you’re employing any popular romance tropes (e.g., enemies-to-lovers, star-crossed lovers, forbidden love), make sure this is clear in your query.

In your query letter, also highlight the blend of fantasy and romance. Show that you can balance and integrate these two genres effectively without compromising either. Agents will want to see that the romantic plot complements the fantasy setting, and vice versa.

Remember to mention comparable titles (“comps”) that resemble your novel. Choose successful, recent fantasy romance titles, which will give agents a clear idea of where your book fits in the market. Your comps should ideally reflect both the fantasy and romance aspects of your novel.

Lastly, introduce yourself professionally, including any writing credentials or relevant background you might have. This is particularly significant if you have any experience or expertise that lends authenticity to your fantasy or romance elements.

Follow the specific submission guidelines for each agent or agency to which you’re submitting. This includes the length of your query, what needs to be included, and whether you should include sample chapters. Personalize each query letter for the specific agent and always proofread carefully for errors before sending.

Writing a query letter as a fantasy romance author requires a delicate balance of demonstrating your understanding and mastery of two popular, but distinct genres. The right balance can make your novel irresistible to the right agent.

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Query Letter Template

Please feel free to use the following letter template however you like (for personal use only). Change out the placeholders to include your book’s information!

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, ZIP]
[Your Email]
[Today’s Date]

Dear [Agent’s Full Name],

I am seeking representation for my completed [word count] word fantasy romance novel, “[Your Novel’s Title]“.

In “[Your Novel’s Title]“, [introduce your protagonist’s name and a brief bit of their background or situation] is thrust into [describe the conflict or magical scenario]. There, they encounter [introduce the love interest and some compelling quality or mystery about them]. As [protagonist’s name] navigates a world of [describe some interesting elements of your fantasy setting or plot], they find themselves drawn to [love interest’s name] despite [an obstacle or reason why their romance is forbidden, risky, or complicated]. The magic and romantic tension of “[Comparable Fantasy Romance Title 1]” meets the adventurous spirit of “[Comparable Fantasy Romance Title 2]” in this captivating tale.

I am submitting to you because [mention why you chose this particular agent. Did you read an interview of theirs? Do they represent an author you admire? Show them you’ve done your research.]

I am a [mention any writing credentials you might have, if you have any. These could include writing degrees, publishing history, contest wins, etc.]

Per your guidelines, I have [included or attached any materials the agent requests in their submission guidelines. This might include a synopsis, the first three chapters of your manuscript, etc.]

Thank you for considering my submission. I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

I hope that this template is helpful! Remember, the agent or publisher that you are querying may have specific guidelines or requirements, so read those carefully. Always go with what they request over a template – but in many cases, they don’t provide too much guidance about the query letter, so the above example is a good place to start.

I hope that your publishing journey is fruitful! If you’re looking for more information and advice about any kind of publishing, check out the other articles I have on my blog. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again soon!

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