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About SelfPubMagic


My name is Rebecca, and I’m the designer and owner of SelfPubMagic.

I started this website after working with one-on-one book design clients for several years. I realized that the cost of hiring a designer was a big barrier for a lot of people, and I wanted to find a different way to provide my design services. This led me to start creating book templates and written publishing guides, which has grown into the business you see today!

My background is in research and English Lit, and I’m super passionate about any kind of book-based project. Novels, workbooks, hand-bound, print-on-demand – I think it’s all so cool! I hope my passion for this industry comes through in the tools and resources that I’m offering.

I’ve moved away from one-on-one client projects for now in order to focus on building up SelfPubMagic and my other projects.

You can learn design and e-commerce skills from me though my video courses, which are available on both Udemy and Skillshare at the moment (stay tuned for the launch of my own course website soon!)

I also run an artist business under the brand Lucky Sprout Studio. You can buy some of my own books through that website!

Thanks for taking the time to check out SelfPubMagic. I hope that you enjoy your stay and learn something cool!